FAQs for Donors (4)

How can I help?
  • Please consider volunteering with us! You can find more information on our ‘Volunteers’ page. Or you could organise a toy collection drive in your residential complex or workplace.
  • Alternatively, you could donate to your favourite NGO! Donation details are available on our ‘Donate’ page.
Is there a membership fee for becoming a volunteer?
  • Volunteering with Toybank is absolutely free of cost.
Will I get a certificate if I become a volunteer?
  • Yes, and this depends on the length of time and the quality of the volunteering effort that you put in. We discourage people from volunteering who are just doing it for the sake of the certificate.
I want to intern with Toybank. How do I go about it?
  • Request your institution to send us a formal letter stating your interest in doing an internship with us. Please do mention the duration of internship and the area of interest. After this we will schedule an interview to finalise the details of your internship.