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Sahej Mantri

Director - Operations, Finance, and M&E
Sahej began his career as a journalist and later transitioned into the development sector through a volunteering assignment in Cambodia. He then worked at Gram Vikas, a grassroots NGO in Odisha, where he led a small monitoring and evaluation team overseeing WaSH projects upon returning to India. In 2015, Sahej founded Agasti, a non-profit organisation focused on urban sanitation. Under his leadership, Agasti designed, built, or renovated over 30 public toilets for four urban local bodies and the Indian Railways, earning several prestigious national awards for design and innovation. Sahej's longest and most recent work experience was with United Way Mumbai, where he led their Campaigns and Communications teams. As head of the Campaigns team, he oversaw the digital fundraising platform and facilitated strategic fundraising and donor development for partner NGOs, including event partnerships such as the Tata Mumbai Marathon. With the Communications team, he executed successful communication strategies, increased engagement across social media channels and the website, utilised digital marketing, and managed public relations. Sahej holds an undergraduate degree in journalism and an MBA from the Indian School of Business.

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