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Why We Need You

Volunteers continue to be an integral part of our work. As a volunteer, you can bring about a significant social change towards empowering at-risk children through our play programmes.

If you care about children and their well-being, we invite you to join us in creating a world where play is a reality for every child. We will work together with you to impact children, teachers and communities at large.


What Our Volunteers Say About Us

Volunteering is at the heart of our work

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Every child deserves to play; every child deserves to learn and grow. Every rupee counts towards creating a lasting impact and empowering children with knowledge and skills through play. Join us in ensuring their right to play.


Why Should You Volunteer with Toybank?

“I chose Toybank as the NGO to volunteer with because I personally identify with the purpose behind Toybank and the work they do. I believe that play is pivotal to a child’s growth…” Hear from Rehan Chagla why he volunteers with Toybank and why you should too.