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Annual Report 2022-23: Building a World of Play

At Toybank Development through Play, we have always believed in the Power of Play to transform lives, but in the past three years, its significance has shone brighter than ever. For nearly two decades, we have championed play-based learning, and today, the need for nurturing mental well-being and making informed choices has never been more urgent. 

As the Covid-19 restrictions eased, we had to adapt swiftly to the new post-pandemic reality. We recognised the challenges children were likely to face – behavioral issues and learning regression. They needed a well-structured approach to maximise the benefits of play. Throughout the pandemic years, we worked tirelessly to rebuild our Play Programme and welcoming new team members with expertise in play to quickly attend to these post-covid classroom challenges.

The Annual Report highlights our work done amid Covid-19 restrictions being eased, and the team swiftly adapting to the new post-pandemic reality. It also talks about our efforts towards building new Play Programmes and restructuring our current ones so Play reaches more children in India. In addition, you will also find snippets of our Play Practitioners talking about how they now use Play in their everyday classrooms.

As we step into a milestone year, we continue to work towards ensuring that every child’s Right to Play is realised, and that in our lifetime, we will be able to make play an integral part of every childhood in India.

We dream of a world where joy and playfulness guide the very foundations of early childhood education, and where every child’s right to engage in play is not just recognised, but celebrated.

–  Shweta Chari, Co-founder, CEO, Toybank


World Play Day 2023: ‘Play helped me hone my skills, elevate my mood’

I never knew doodling could be so fun and engaging. On June 4, 2023, as part of World Play Day, I attended an Ink and Doodle workshop organised by Toybank – Development Through Play.  

The workshop was organised in collaboration with Arzan Khambatta, renowned architect and sculptor. We also had Karan Shah, an artist, display his artwork called ‘Different Perspectives’.  The event included children from Toybank- Development Through Play’s centres, and those part of the Creativity Action Service (CAS) programme. It began with interesting and fun ice-breaking activities, where all of us children got to know each other and introduced ourselves. 

Arzan demonstrated different ways to doodle, and helped us draw easy shapes, while encouraging us to think outside the box. He displayed common doodling techniques with squares and rectangles, and other shapes, and helped us understand there was no right or wrong in our artwork. 

Being in Class 10, I often feel the pressure of studies, but I also realise that I need to remove time from my day to play. Being part of this doodle workshop helped me relieve my stress, and elevated my mood. The workshop kept me engaged till the very end.  We were also asked to name our doodles towards the end. Some of the creative names included, ‘An Infinite World’ and ‘The Unknown in the Known’.  

In addition, Karan Shah, whose art focuses on looking at everyday objects through a different lens, left us amused with his presentation. He showed us everyday objects and helped us think from different perspectives, something we had never thought about before. I realised that imagination has no limits. A non-living object can be transformed into a living one just by the  powers of creative imagination. 

Jiya Gada is a  Class 10 student, who attended the workshop organised for World Play Day 2023.