What is Development through Play?

Play has the ability to build resilience and develop life skills to counteract negative environments that at-risk children may grow up in. This enables them to make better choices that support positive development and grow up to be well-rounded adults.

Play during the COVID-19 pandemic

No matter what the situation, Play must never stop. Even while social distancing, Toybank is enabling at-risk children to play at home. Through WhatsApp support groups with our partners, parents and teachers, we are delivering digital Toybank PlayAtHome kits to keep the kids engaged, mentally stimulated and resilient so that they emerge from this crisis unscathed.

To address development issues among Underprivileged kids through Toys and play.

remove this--->A world where all children

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What is a Toy Library?

Toybank associates with NGOs and sets up a toy library within their premises. The toys in these libraries undergo segregation and are deployed after assessment of the needs of children in that NGO.

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What is Toy Distribution?

When a toy that represents joy and happiness is shared, the fun gets multiplied.A Toy Distribution is an energy packed event, where the children exhibit their fullest potentials and hidden talents.

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What is Sensitisation?

Sensitization is a subtle awareness creating exercise carried out by our team of experts. The basic principle of Toybank is explained to a consenting group of children/ decision makers in delicate manner.

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